We bundled the eighteen most important home safety and maintenance items into a single service that costs only $599 for most homes

Imagine having all your annual home maintenance items scheduled and completed with one call and in one day!

Avoid costly home repairs. Service your major home systems. Don't spend all day calling multiple companies for bids and waiting around for a half dozen companies. Have it all done with one call and significant savings! On the day of your appointment, our dedicated team members will arrive at your home and perform the following services:

Protect Your Real Estate Investment

Failing to do all of these and many other routine maintenance items in your home can lead to unsafe conditions, damage to your home, and costly future repairs. Like you, your car, and your lawn, your home requires regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly and looking beautiful. Homes that are properly maintained are safer, require fewer costly repairs, and continue to look beautiful for many years. Properly maintaining your home with a comprehensive maintenance plan will also serve to protect your real estate investment.