How it Works!

Imagine having all your annual home maintenance items scheduled and completed with one call and in one day! Avoid costly home repairs. Service your major home systems.

Don’t spend all day calling multiple companies for bids and waiting around for a half dozen repairmen that you don't know or trust. Have it all done with one call and significant savings!

On the day of your appointment, our dedicated team members will arrive at your home and perform the following services:

Gutter Cleaning

We will vacate debris from your gutters using our unique vacuum gutter cleaning machines (no roof access required, no ladders, no scaffolding.) Gutter cleaning is the most important and most overlooked area of home maintenance. If not performed annually, the deferred maintenance costs created by leaks and water overruns can be extremely costly.

Downspout Negative Pressure Vacate

Minor Tree/Branch Removal from Gutters and Roofs

Light branch removal (less than 2” branch) removal from gutters and roof sight lines to avoid gutter blockage and roof wear and tear.

Water Heater Maintenance

Drain sediment from water heater, check anode rod, replace if within guidelines. When the anode rod deteriorates or becomes so corroded that it can no longer do its job, the tank soon rusts out, leaks and needs replacement. However, if you replace your anode rod before it fails, you can generally double the life of your water heater.


Remove and replace air filter. Clogged filters lead to overworked furnaces which in turn places stress upon on HVAC system motors with a reduction in operational efficiency. Annual replacement is critical to maintenance of home HVAC Systems and is attributable to a reduction in home power usage. Extend the life of your HVAC system and reduce your power bill through maintenance of this system.

Exterior Window Washing

Keep your home looking bright and beautiful. Avoid external dirt buildup on ledges and mullions which lead to costly dry rot window repair.

Driveway Pressure Washing

Driveway “parking area” pressure washing to prevent grease and automotive fluid buildup and deterioration of concrete or asphalt surfaces. Regular cleaning also improves safety for these areas to avoid slips and falls.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Clean and blow out the lint buildup from duct and dryer exhaust vents. Lint build up can be extremely dangerous and a leading cause of fires in homes. Protect your family and perform this service.

Smoke Detectors

Test all smoke detectors and replace batteries as needed.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Check carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries as needed.

Garage Doors

Oil and lubricate garage door tracks, rollers, hinge pulleys and springs. (Replace light bulb in opener if needed.) Perform blockage return and pressure safety tests. Change garage keypad battery (if applicable).

Garage Door Light and Battery Test

Garage Door Light and Battery Test (Bulb and light replacement if necessary.)

Refrigerator Coil Service and Clean

Failure to perform annual cleaning off refrigerator coil systems can lead to appliance fatigue/failure and increased power usage. Extend the life of your refrigerator and reduce electrical bills with proper servicing of this appliance.

Range Hood Filter Clean and Service

Failure to perform annual cleaning off exhaust filtration systems can lead to appliance fatigue/failure and increased power usage. Grease buildup can also lead to kitchen and/or electrical fires. Extend the life of this appliance and reduce electrical bills with proper servicing of this appliance.

Failing to do all of these and many other routine maintenance items in your home can lead to unsafe conditions, damage to your home, and costly future repairs.

Like you, your car, and your lawn, your home requires regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly and looking beautiful. Homes that are properly maintained are safer, require fewer costly repairs, and continue to look beautiful for many years. Properly maintaining your home with a comprehensive maintenance plan will also serve to protect your real estate investment and future resale value.

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